What to look for in a mini excavator

What to look for in a mini excavator

March 5, 2018

There are a number of types of mini excavators in the market that severs different purposes. To get your desired result, you need to find the right type of excavator. Usually 1 tonne mini excavators are widely used because they’d fit anywhere, given their compact size.

The factors you need to consider in a mini excavator are:

Bucket size

Being the most important part of the mini excavator, buckets can range in size. Usually a 1 tonne excavator comes with a small capacity bucket ranging from 30 to 60 cm. If you need a bigger bucket, look for one that is needed for your project.

Digging depth

Different excavators have different digging depth. For example, the digging depth for a 1 tonne mini excavator is 35 cm. Decide required digging depth for your specific project, and look for a mini excavator that satisfies your need.


Tracks for mini excavators can be both rubber and steel. Naturally steel tracks are more durable than the rubber ones and they offer amazing stability to the excavator which rubber tracks do not. Although steel tracks may cause damage to pavements, which does not happen in case of rubber tracks.

Operating weight

Operating weight for mini excavator varies from 700kg to 8000kg. This factor depends on the nature of your project too, so you should choose the right operating weight for your project.

Attachment support

Mini excavators can use different attachments for different tasks. For example, there is a rock breaker attachment for demolishing rocky areas, and entirely another type of attachment for pot hole digging.

Off set digging capability

Only some types of mini excavators offer off set digging, which enables them to swing the boom away from the base and dig next to a structure. It also helps the excavator to easily move from one digging area to the next by positioning the tracks close to the operating area.

If you are looking to hire mini excavators or bobcats for any of your digging needs, such as landscaping, under house digging, pot hole digging, trenching, pool digging etc. call Excavations Unlimited now!

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