Using mini excavators for home improvement projects

Using mini excavators for home improvement projects

January 5, 2018

Houses gets aged and wrinkled just like we do, and that is why a little renovation and improvement projects needs to be executed from time to time. To execute home improvement projects, you might need to dig near your house a bit. Usually backhoes are used to execute digging jobs, because digging with shovels is a thing of the past now. Since the last decade, mini excavators has taken the place of backhoes. Mini excavators fit small spaces and can dig in narrow spaces with ease and efficiency.

Here are some home improvement projects you can use mini excavators for:

Trench digging

Many types of home improvement projects requires trench digging. You may need to repair a sewer line or set up an irrigation system, or any underground cables and lines need to be installed; for which trenches are needed. Mini excavators fit through small gates of a house, which large backhoes do not. So they are the right kind of machine for trench digging.


Landscaping includes demolishing and digging sheds, levelling the ground etc. Mini excavators can have attachments for digging and demolishing both, so it is an easy choice to hire a mini excavator when you want to do landscaping. They can also be used if you want to put up a water feature, remove small brick walls etc.

Building construction

Expanding the garage? Building a new driveway? Want a hot tub? You need to dig up the soil. Mini excavators are much faster than other digging options when it comes to digging for this type of projects. They can also be used to dig the foundation for a new building. Mini excavators are an excellent choice if you want to dig up tree stump and remove debris before construction work.

Looking to hire an excavator for you home improvement project? Choose excavation unlimited for any of your digging needs. Visit the website and call us for any of our services, to hire a mini excavator or a bobcat any time!

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